Identification of Liaison Representative

Objective: To identify valid speakers in the organization and to plan their availability during subsequent tasks.

The data collection phase has great significance to the development of the method, since this information will be the source of the analysis and of subsequent tasks that will form the base of the action plan. For that reason, the organization's involvement and collaboration will be very important during this phase to obtain the information needed.

The organization will usually appoint a person (or several if necessary) who will liaise between the evaluators and the organization. In this way, the representative will redirect questions from the evaluators to the corresponding persons inside the organization. It is central for the success of the programme that the organization foresees his/her availability during the data collection phase.

Additionally, the evaluation team may need direct access to systems or devices within the organization to carry out security and configuration checks, tasks clearly identified in advance. This access should be provided by the organization under their standard requirements: supervised by company staff, with an operations log, or any other similar mechanism that keeps information integrity during the work. The evaluation team will also sign a confidentiality and non disclosure agreement that will act as a warranty about the proper use of the collected data. On the other side, the organization should provide written authorization for those tasks.