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IS2ME in the Media

Implementation References

Despite its recent release, the authors have used from a long running the method now named IS2ME in the deployment of Information Security in organizations of different sizes and business.

Here will be included every organization which authorizes its disclosure, both as IS2ME users and as implementation services providers according to the method.

On this note we can put Grupo Intermark and Tecnocom as an all levels reference. Tecnocom is the third spanish company in the Communications and Information Technology business. Both companies use IS2ME as a basis for the internal deployment of Information Security, and in addition, Grupo Intermark offers consulting and information security implementation services employing the methodology stated in IS2ME.

Kolossus is an Argentine Company located in Cordoba region (Argentine) that is using IS2ME for approaching Information Security to medium enterprises. They offer various security services, including IS2ME Consultancy and Implementation services

AsegurarTe is an Argentine company located in Santa Fe (Argentina) that uses and promotes IS2ME as the main method for diminish the SME risks in the region. It offers integral assurance professional services specifically based on IS2ME